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who are we?

We are insatiably curious, naturally collaborative and uniquely creative. Collective Hub exists to foster and empower a community of people to live their best lives at work and in play. We offer pragmatism and inspiration in equal measure to help create a world of dreamers and doers.


As much as we’d LOVE to have all the ribbons, tissue paper, stickers, fancy coloured mailers and all the rest of it, we made a conscious decision not to do that.

Ethical Sourcing

When choosing a new manufacturer, there are always a few things we look out for: 1. The working conditions 2. The people and 3. The materials used.

Giving Back

We LOVE to give. We love to gift people we meet on the street, we love to gift those in need, charities, fundraisers, you name it.

customer testimonials

“Just finished reading this. Just brilliant. So easy to digest and so relatable. Thank you”

Maritza B on Start Up to Scale Up

“Such a beautiful gift that I received from my best friend. I love my new Daily Mantras”

Sarah W on Daily Mantras

“The daily mantra books from @collectivehub are up there with one of our favourite products. They are the perfect size to fit in your bag to take anywhere on the go and will become a big part of your daily routine! 💫”

Zaylee and Sage on Daily Mantras

“The BEST entrepreneur handbook you will read. Everything you need to ideate, visualise and launch your dream business. Not only is this book filled with easy to digest and actionable tips, it looks gorgeous, too. “

Bianca on Start Up to Scale Up

“This book is amazing! It’s everything I’ve needed to get my head focused on my business journey”

Layla on Start Up to Scale Up

“I love using my Daily Gratitudes journal day and night, it’s the perfect and simple to easily jot down what I’m grateful for. I love to look back and reflect on what I previously wrote as well”

Amy on Daily Gratitudes

“When I found out Collective Hub was bringing back the mag in a new format, I was beyond excited. The new format looks beautiful on my coffee table. I can’t wait for the next one”

Maddy on Mook Issue 55

“If you’re looking for the perfect gift range, this is it!!”

Andrea on Mantras Bundle

“I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know until I started reading this. This book is perfect for anyone starting up or planning to scale up”

Melinda on Start Up to Scale Up

“I collected every issue of the mag so when I heard it was coming back in a new format, I HAD to get my hands on it. The stories within have been amazing to read so far and I can’t wait to keep dipping in and out of it”

Zoe on Mook Issue 55

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