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As much as we’d LOVE to have all the ribbons, tissue paper, stickers, fancy coloured mailers and all the rest of it, we made a conscious decision not to do that. Why? Because all of that accumulates more waste that goes into the already packed world of landfill. So we keep it simple, every order goes out in either 100% recycled mailer bags, or a brown box with sustainable protective filler. All is completely recyclable, so just pop into your recycling when you’re done with it.



When choosing a new manufacturer, there are always a few things we look out for: 1. The working conditions 2. The people and 3. The materials used. We always want to make sure our team are working in health, safe conditions and that the materials and practices used are safe for the environment.

A few of our products (Daily Gratitudes, Visions & Actions, Mantras & Musings, Start Up To Scale Up, Start Up To Scale Up Journal and Daily Mantras 2) use linen on the casing. It was important to us that this linen was not dyed and 100% in it’s natural state. So this is why there may be some variations from product to product, like grain lines being in slightly different spots or the colour being slightly different. All perks of natural linen!



We LOVE to give. We love to gift people we meet on the street, we love to gift those in need, charities, fundraisers, you name it. It all comes back to our philosophy:

We are insatiably curious, naturally collaborative and uniquely creative. Collective Hub exists to foster and empower a community of people to live their best lives at work and in play. We offer pragmatism and inspiration in equal measure to help create a world of dreamers and doers.

So being able to give back embodies exactly that.

 To date, we have gifted thousands to charities and organisations all around Australia including women’s shelters, libraries, Foodbank Australia, hospitals and so many more.

 If you have a charity or organisation in need of some light, please feel free to reach out to



We are natural born storytellers and have always wanted to make sure we are providing voices to all walks of life through our products and in our teams. Ever since we launched the magazine in 2013 through to all of our products now, we have always made sure there’s room for everyone to have their voice heard.

We work from a decentralised “office” which allows for our team to quite literally work from anywhere and juggle things like being a Mother. 90% of our team are female and 70% are mothers with young children. So it’s beyond important to us to allow for this flexible working environment. We’re all about output of work rather than hours at a desk.

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